Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Animus and anima

I'm disappointed that BT is doing away with the Tom Baker as Dr. Who text-to-voice service. As an example of incongruity, it was priceless, a short-lived "killer app" for the fixed line world. Now we move on to a genderized text-to-voice world, which in itself is an interesting idea. I am a bit taken aback, however, at the results of the survey on impressions of voices, i.e., are men's voices only really compelling in conveying humor, aggression, air safety and sports action? Sad. Where I think this could be really cool, and the sort of thing people might willingly pay up for, is if you could select the person whose voice you would like to assume, tailored to the message you want to convey. I bet James Earl Jones or Patrick Stewart would be up for it. Homer Simpson would rule.