Thursday, April 20, 2006

Purple journalism

In the cross-sectoral battle being waged, players with entrenched interests must adopt the weapons of their enemies to survive. A mega-uber value reader in the Netherlands alerts me to what may be an all-time Disruption Awards candidate for honorable mention. Multi-newspaper group PCM (51% owned by Apax Partners) is reportedly planning to begin selling Philips PVRs in the Dutch market (apparently for a subsidized price of between EUR200 - 300 each), in an attempt to weaken the appeal to advertisers of television spots. Diabolically ingenious, except that I think conventional wisdom would now say that the real battle is between broadcast and the internet (duh), and I am curious as to why they want to subsidize a strategy focusing on the dwindling revenue stream. Perhaps their resources would be better spent on driving readers to some sexy video ad content within their internet properties?