Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Other stuff

EuroTelcorama No. 6: How do you want to watch? Sky and the future(s) of television

Long note released February 2005. The company disagreed vehemently with my assessment that it needed broadband access as part of its offering, waited a few months, and then went and bought Easynet. I am proud of this one, despite its somewhat odd and disjointed structure.

EuroTelcorama No. 5: Fragmentation is the name of the game

Daiwa Global Telecom Monthly, July 2004

Here I made a somewhat controversial case for why sell-side research would inevitably be marginalized.

Daiwa Global Telecom Monthly, September 2004

To my knowledge this is the first broker note published on Skype and its implications, only a few days after it launched.

Eurowireline 2003: It's a marathon, not a sprint