Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The return of sneakernet

The first day of CES delivered a baffling torrent of press releases from all the usual suspects, making synthesis extremely challenging - though I guess the theme which is most prominent in my mind is media portability and the struggle to bridge the divide between the internet and TV. (Put another way, that's the gap between the living room and the bedroom, though I find it increasingly bizarre that we still refer to media experiences based on the layout of the home.) This message was underscored last night on BBC's 10 o'clock news, which contained a feature on the "battle for the connected home" from CES, which was somewhat slavishly skewed towards the wonders of Vista. My wife grumbled that all of this was aimed at 30-something males with too much money and no social life - and she's usually right about these things. I do wonder about just how much complexity and cost "the average person" is willing or able to embrace, which is why my favorite press release from yesterday was this one from SanDisk, sent in via a mega-uber value reader - nice and simple, plus involves occasional physical exercise in transferring data.